Monday, August 22, 2016

Mercedes Benz World England

Whilst on a visit to Hus Haus London, Marcus noticed the proximity of Mercedes Benz World Uk. (MBW)

At MBW I noticed the following

- A fully functioning Mercedes dealer
- Outside an offroad and tarmac track for use for Mercedes Benz paid experiences
- A cafe
- An exhibition of Vintage and current AMG cars

For a small fee, about 5 GBP each I recall you can get a guided tour at fixed times during the day.  I paid and it turns out it was well worth it.  There were only 3 adults on our tour so I had plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

An original 230 SL

Where it all started



Racing Limo


As a car nut it was a great afternoon spent drooling over cars and well worth the tour price.