Thursday, August 04, 2016

Friday Sermon: Reality Check

(Link to preposterous youtube trailer not provided.  Well because, just read on)

Subtitle:  A mostly American Position?

I've been trying to ignore it, but cartoon comics, super heroes, and now Blockbuster film related  spinoffs are forcing me to vent.

Not Science Fiction

Cruze: Oblivion

I do like the Science Fiction genre.  When done well it shows a possible future and many of the game changing series, like Star Trek came with a nice set of Moral imperatives too.

But to me the American obsession with cartoon characters is just leading to a nation, nay world  of delusionals.

- These characters are NOT real
- They will never become real
- The events portrayed in the Films are not real
- Their talents and special abilities will never become real
- Nobody is coming to save the world and in particular America from the shocking (mostly financial) mess and crises that you are digging yourselves into

The Best
The Best I can say is that whilst a Comic Book delusion is dangerous, deep down inside you presumably know it is all make believe.

But it is a slippery slope, because with enough re-enforcement and visual stimulation, starting from an early impressionable age, some may really begin to believe that it might just have some /no smoke without fire/ truth to it after all.

And speaking for false hopes, there is an equally prevalent but much greater delusion that is particularly strong in the United States of America.

The God Delusion Documentary

To say Religion is Harmless, is not good enough