Friday, August 26, 2016

A tale of Two Agents

Subtitle: Have you heard about the Internet?

Marcus has just spent the day with 2 Estate Agents.  I nearly lost it, because I find working with Estate Agents is nearly always frustrating, and with those that are absolutely clueless about the importance of the Internet, well: I nearly burst a blood vessel.

Property 1

- Agent could not initially gain access to property,  could not operate keys!
- Flat is tenanted and a total mess/ bombsite
- Almost Zero mobile phone reception and actually zero mobile Data connection.
- Tenant refuses to let any photographs be taken, and Owner has none to offer, so post visit I have nothing to refer back to
- Agent has no clue about Wired Internet Speed or whether there is any at property
- Agent does not know what Fibre Broadband is
- Agent does not know how to do a Speed test from their mobile

Property 2

- Agent claims to be experienced with 30 years in the profession
- Flat empty
- Almost Zero mobile phone reception and zero Data connection.  Agent tried to make excuses
- A luxury Apartment but with no Dishwasher, Agent tried to make excuses
- Large damp area on upper floor, Agent has no knowledge
- Agent has no clue about Internet Speed
- Agent does not know what an Internet Speed test is
- Agent does not know how to launch a web browser on their Smartphone. I assisted and eventually made a speed test

I had to explain that this was not an acceptable number

My Honest Suggestions

- Read my recent blogpost

- Educate staff on the importance of the Internet in modern life

- Publish mobile voice strength on property prospectus

- Publish current Land Internet Speed Connection at property

- Publish currently available Internet Speeds and Technologies (e.g. Copper, Fibre, Community Internet)

And additional Information that might be useful

- Details of any pending construction or building developments in or around this postcode

- Risks of Apartment to Flooding and other salient risk based factors or peculiarities

- Service Charge and detailed breakdown therein

I am not boasting, but I could really do a much more professional and informative job than the two individuals I met today.  Perhaps a new career beckons?