Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Good Hike

Subtitle:  The Grammont Classic

Until a year or so ago Marcus and Agata both had stressful and busy lives.   Now at least for Marcus, things are very nicely


There is more time to exercise, interact with family and friends, and generally do the normal things that I have seen most other people doing [without me] for several decades.

So this Sunday, thanks to Margaret's driving and Sandra's planning we set off towards the town on Miex.

 You cannot park in Miex but amazingly there is a nice man making sure we park perfectly, about 800 metres from town.

Yes we are going up there!

 Agata in good spirits

We stopped for a spot of lunch, comprising our picnic

It is time to scale The Grammont, 2172 metres.

Pretty decent views then

 Agata is able to run down, leaving us all standing.

 Marcus and Margaret find the elusive Chamois

Technical Elements

- A good climb, over 15 Km
- A stop on the way with restaurant facilities at Lake Taney
- The hike could take 6 hours or less.  About 4 if you would run back down
- Up on the way to Grammont and descending nearly all the way back
- You can retrace your path up or take the gravel road
- No water stops after Lake Taney, so fill up with at least 1 litre from there

Social Elements

- Just Great company!
- No Bitching
- Plenty of smiles
- Good conversation
- Weather was between 25 and 30 degrees.
- Temperature at 23.00 Lausanne is 28 degrees!!

At last Marcus and Agata start to have wonderful /care free/ times here in Lausanne Switzerland.  It is about time.