Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What exactly does Yahoo do?

Subtitle: Verizon goes absolutely bananas

There was a time when I knew what AOL (America on Line) did.  They provided a way to access the Internet, or their own all singing and dancing Internet portal.  They used to hand out free Floppy Discs, and then CD's.  You then installed a client program, that included a telephone dialler.  So using a suitable modem, you dialled a local Point of Presence  (POP) and connected to the Internet.

And then DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) happened.  This made it possible to have much faster permanent Internet connections from your home.  Making AOL dial up just totally irrelevant and redundant.

So for about 10 years after I got DSL (and then VDSL) I was left asking the question.

What does AOL do today?

And then Verizon bought them!!


Wind the clock forward and for the last 5-10 years, when Google has become the default and defacto search engine I have been wondering, what exactly does Yahoo do?

I even signed up and tried to use their services.

But every one of them, from email to Finance, which were free by the way, seemed to be just worse than Google.  Which left me with the question:

- Why would I use any Yahoo service, rather than say Google  (other Free email and Internet search providers are available :-)

- Where is there business model, I mean how exactly are they making any money?


Wind the clock forward to July 25, 2016 and a headline I did not expect:

Verizon buys Yahoo

Now exactly what are those guys at Verizon smoking?

So my questions now are

- Dear Verizon,  I have some magic beans.  Would you be interested in buying them?
- What has Yahoo done for you lately?
- What has AOL done for you lately?

Answers on a digital postcard please.

Boy this is turning into one perplexing week or even year.