Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Warning: May not contain images of Reality

Mike Perry: The Ocean

Subtitle: An important message

To any and all economic migrants wishing to leave an impoverished third world or developing country.

Music is a powerful universal medium of communication

More than that, Music Videos now represent a utopian or sexualised Western lifestyle that I can really assure you does not exist.  At least for the 99.999% of us.

So when you see videos, like the two  (out of an infinity) that I chose at random for this posting.

Just think, our lives are not like this, even 0.001% of the time, and neither will yours be.

You will actually need to work, probably your whole lives.  And if you took all of those earnings, that is an entire lifetime, and never spent any of it, and just saved it all, the total might not even make the budget for said videos.


Martin Solveig: Do It Right