Monday, July 11, 2016

Tuesday Sermon: God Has All the Best Tunes

 Rick Astley: Angels on my Side

Subtitle: The real Slick Rick

Marcus has  been a supporter, albeit short of fanboy admirer of the UK singer Rick Astley since the late 1980's.  At the time  (in the 80's) the charts were full of Britpop, and Rick slotted nicely into the music of his time.

But rather unlike contemporaries such as Bros whose later work matured, Rick has been silent. So I am pleased to find that at his new age of 50,   and after a 23 year pause he has released an album called, well 50:


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It's Like This
I never thought of Rick as religious and so the Religious themes on the album diminish my enjoyment and consequent praise just a little.  A surprise, since Uncle Google does not relate such a world view.  I could mark it down to irony, but surely not, given the scale of that content in this album. You can express Spirituality and Humanity without a Religious angle, but it's harder work, maybe for the album 51?

Regardless here is a second moving tune, from YouTube

Rick Astley: God Says  (Just dance with me)

This song is so good,  I was almost moved to tears, really excellent work.

To Marcus, today, despite your assumed religious affiliations; you are still the real Slick Rick.

Rick Astley official