Sunday, July 24, 2016

Time to Charge

Subtitle: Stop winging about charging

 This is Marcus and Agata's portable charging station. We use multiple Orico 12V portable charging adapters to satisfy our portable USB charging requirements.

This includes sports watches, timers, cameras, and specialist cycle lights.

In this article however I'd like to focus on selection on appropriate tools that can fast charge

The Shower Time Principle
The simple idea is the following.  You only need to select a fitness device that last your usual exercise schedule and can be significantly if not almost totally recharged whilst you take a long post exercise shower ...

Marcus's Garmi n920XT sports watch.   From 2% to 40% post shower.   Absolutely brilliant.

Microsoft Band 2.  From 10% to 55% whilst in the shower.   The Band 2 however does have appalling battery life if the screen is on, so whilst the recharging is impressive, the overall Band 2 is not recommended  (Full review to follow)

An increase in 30% battery life whilst in the shower.  My Nexus 5X can charge really quickly but only if your USB-C charger is capable.  The above is a re-plug into a non fast charging socket  (1.5 hours to charge 50%,  need to replug to a fast charge socket.  Note the Nexus will say on Front screen charging or charging slowly on lock screen).

Nexus 5X on fast USB-C charge

What I recommend is select a charger and device that is able to significantly if not totally able to give your device 1 days extra charge, or as close to,  whilst you take a shower.  Agata and Marcus take at least 2 and sometimes 3 showers per day after our exercise activities.  And then, our devices are pretty much at 100%.