Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sunday Sermon: Feeling Safe on European Streets

A day after the Munich atrocity where 8 citizens in Munich were chosen at random and murdered in broad daylight, the BBC Radio 4 premier news program ran some news articles.

It included a Religiously oriented peace which suggested that Prayer and Pilgrimage might be tools that can be used to combat these atrocities. A piece from a Christian minister.

I'd like to set forth why this is just the most illogical and delusional advice

- The claim as I understood it was that praying to a Christian God would improve the situation
- It wasn't clear whether this was just to improve the mind and mood of the person praying
- Or whether additionally the process of praying would somehow actually prevent further attacks from actually occuring
- It was also not clear that this was Christian prayer or simply any prayer to the God or Gods or Religion that you are part of

My best response

Religious people conveniently point out that faith in general and the efficacy of prayer in particular is not open to testing.  Ultimately because should studies begin  show no improvement, i.e. that prayer was no better than placebo, a major religious rationale and construct would be dismantled and show false.

For further information on real studies see this link

Copy Cat Issues
As I write this I notice yet another attack, again in Germany.  Whilst the motivations may differ significantly to Munich, the prospect of violent and potentially suicidal attacks in Europe is troublesome.  The ugly truth is that attacks using implements that you can buy in any Supermarket or DIY store cannot be prevented.

SO: Feeling Safe
Consumer confidence in any technology e.g airtravel,  personal safety e.g. right to enjoy life peaceably without a constant threat of violence or death against one, etcetera is always disproportionately effected by one off events.

Terrorists, activists etcetera rely on this negatively leveraged result that imbeds itself into the mindset of the cautious human.

The facts remain that these terrorist or violent attacks are infrequent and that in Europe and in most developed countries except the USA, strict gun/ firearms laws restrict the ownership and supply of guns and equally importantly ammunition,  shooting ranges.

All in all,  we continue to feel very safe.  Despite Munich,  and those shown above we are talking less than 10 this year to date

TED: Worrying about Terrorism

Jumping to Conclusions
I do detect a disturbing trend that tends to automatically blame and suspect a mass killing to not only be terrorist related but also directly related to proponents and followers who claim to comically represent the /Religion of Peace/.

I think there is a real problem linking flawed thinking, unacceptible behaviour and defective moral behaviour due to literal Religious interpretation, but terrorism is actually not the problem, in actual fact it misdirects attention from the real issue  (which is of course the underlying tenets of the Religion).

My suggestion would always be when these attrocities occur is

- Analyse the facts
- Don't jump to conclusions
- Wait for actual video, audio footage
- Wait for Government statements, which are backed by Intelligence reports
- Equally: Don't ignore any elephants in the room

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