Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Sermon: Don't Pray for Nice

I am not a Terrorist

The latest act of terrorism in my Geography was in Nice, France just a few days ago.

My heart is torn and I have the deepest sympathy for all the 84 victims, and additionally those injured physically or mentally and further; the families and friends whose lives will be forever negatively changed by this terrorist act.

I'd like to stress that I have not seen convincing evidence that the attack was perpetrated by someone claiming to represent the Islamic State or an extreme Religious viewpoint.

However, that said, I return back to the title of this article.

Please, never pray for me

And personally I am actually quite offended when I hear people who are  Praying for Nice

My offence and indeed overall sadness at those praying is because to me praying to an /imaginary friend/  will not actually change anything for the better.   I have some images

If you want to change lives for the better my suggestion would be to speak gently and sincerely to those who hate, who hate because their religion taught them to hate, taught them that their sex and or religion was superior to others, and show them a more enlightened alternative.



Nice: ISIS claims responsibility though no firm evidence
Allahu Akbar claims,  circumstantial, not fully confirmed