Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday Sermon: All Lives Matter

I read an article by Jamie Davenport from the Independent, a so called 'quality' British newspaper.

The above is a screenshot of the start.

Jamie explains that between the ages of 12-16 his/her life included:

- breaking into my old elementary school
- stealing ice cream. 
- joyriding my boyfriend’s lifted, bright green, Chevy blazer without a permit or a license.
- getting caught drinking in a friend’s backyard. 
- Trespassing on private property and swimming. 
- Getting pulled over twice in the same month, on the same road

All of this whilst aged 12 - 16.

Part of his argument as I understand it, that he did not get punished for above law breaking and so neither should 'black people' behaving in a similar fashion.

What is wrong with me?

Agata and Marcus are not perfect, but I don't recall the urge at any age:

- to break the law
- for example to steal a car
- or break into private property
- to humiliate people in public

We could go onto a much larger list.

Let me of course state that I don't condone any form or racism by authority figures, but I'm making a different point.

Sure, if you are a shit or asshole or criminal in your youth, and then mature and stop doing all of those things.  Well great.

But what about all of those other people. The people who were never shits or violent or criminals whilst young, nor as young adults, and neither in later life.

Surely we should get some sort of award?

I think of all the good people I have known, from all classes and all racial colours.   The ones who were good and remain good.

We want some payback.  And I mean in this lifetime, not in some fantasy afterlife.