Saturday, July 02, 2016

Something for the Weekend

Divine Comedy: Something for the Weekend

To speak of real life our weekend was not as exciting or stimulating as the above video.  Apart from a mountain of washing  (I know sexy right)  Marcus and Agata spent time in our Basement Cave preparing Marcus's remaining bicycle  (Mr Green, not stolen) and Agata's loan bicycle.

We need something for the coming weeks cycling training.

In the Basement
So yes, 

 Pre Sawing

Post Sawing

I've determined that my Green Bicycle, well now my only bicycle :-(  now has a slightly too long seatpost for me.

Now it is integrated, meaning its an integral part of the carbon frame, so I have to saw it shorter and this means once cut, there is no going back.

After some precise measuring and marking, and then cutting I am delighted to say that all went well.


We then customised Agata's loan bicycle, replacing the front wheel with an ultra light Mavic sub 700 gram wheel + tyre + tube + skewer combination.  You try weighing your complete front wheel and seeing how much it weighs!

Finally then it was time for a small 10Km hilly test ride.  Nothing dropped off or fell apart, so we have a 100K+ event shortly and so we are pretty confident the bikes will survive this with ease.

Now, time to relax

Ben Westbeech: Something For The Weekend