Sunday, July 03, 2016

Requiem for an iPad Air

Subtitle:  Apple really hates thieving bastards too

Whilst Marcus is often highly critical of Apple and their business practices, the recent theft of Agata's iPad Air, has showed me a better side of Apple.

Our Motorhome was broken into and this was just one of the expensive  items taken.

A Moments Silence
Considering that Agata is an IT (Information Technology) person her propensity to own only a few computers/phones is bewildering to Marcus.  However her stolen  iPad was something that Agata used on a daily basis.  I mean all the flippin time!   I estimate at least 2 hours per day.  And with that usage her use cost was already below 1 CHF / hour  (1 USD/hour).  Pretty good I would say.  It had really already paid for itself.

When Stolen
When the theft was detected; Agata was immediately (from her iPhone) able to surf to this security page

And also to enable the Activation Lock


So now we understand that Agata's iPad Air, the stolen on cannot be used or reactivated or restored unless the thieves know her Apple Password, which she has obviously changed for even extra security.

Marcus also had multiple electronics items stolen, however none was as well protected as Apple.  Whilst rendering a device useless to a thief does not prevent it being stolen, if thieves know that they are basically stealing something that can at best be used for spare parts, and not resold as a working item, it will reduce its rob-ability.  They basically have a very pretty electronic brick in their hands.

In fact since my [very expensive] Smartphone was stolen Marcus is looking for a replacement, and a second hand, well cared for iPhone 6 is in fact on the shortlist  (please feel free to contact me!)