Friday, July 22, 2016

ORICO MPU-4S USB Charger revew

When Marcus and Agata are travelling around, often to races, we need our Sports timers and other gadgets charged. (For mains chargers instead see here)

But we only have a 12V battery source.

We found that Orico has a range of 12V to USB chargers.

One favourite is the MPU-4S.  It forms an integral part of our charging solution in Stuart:

We have 3 four port chargers!

- One in the garage to charge our bicycle lights
- One above the fridge to charge Marcus sports gadgets like Sports Watches, timers,  Action Cameras and Smartphone
- One by the bed to charge Agata Computer gadgets like iPad etc.


We really recommend the Orico 4 port USB, 12V chargers.  the MPU-4S is just one in their range of car products   To us they provide an indispensable function helping to keep all our USB devices charged up in quick time.  You may also consider these for the car where you have multiple devices to charge.

Orico MPU-4S Charger
Mains 5 port Charger Anker