Tuesday, July 05, 2016

La Favorite Cycle 2016

About to start La Favorite Cycle

With Marcus's in appropriately geared  (56/44 to 11/23) Mr Green bicycle in hand, and Agata's loaner   (thanks again Kathy ) reconfigured to Agata's preferences we set out for Yverdon Les Bains.

This is a small town about 30Km from our home of Lausanne.   We managed indeed to cycle from home to the Lausanne central station and then from Yverdon Les Bains to the sports stadium where the race started.   We could have cycled there but this would have added +60Km to the trip, and we are not that keen!

Because we missed the Web registration we had to just arrive early and pay an extra 20 CHF each and sign up on the day.  This is typical in many Swiss races, plan ahead and you cut the cost  (which can still be high) down just a little.  Late registration meant no goody bag, but we did get Cycling shirts and of the correct size.  So not all bad then.

Just before the start

First stop at Km 40.  There was Gruyere cheese!  Marcus found it difficult to leave.   Just one more slice I was heard to say on several occasions.  Eventually Agata dragged me away.

Stop #2 and would you believe it we bump into a cyclist we met a few weeks back on the Tour de Lac.  Small world

I was busy scoffing further huge amounts of Gruyere cheese but managed to get this photo of Agata whilst eating.

The top of the seemingly endless 10% gradient climb.  On Marcus's 56/44 to rear 11/23 ratio block, this climb was on the borderline of /bloody painful/.  I had to stand on the pedals for over 25 minutes.  Tough for me.   I've ordered a easier ratio block but it has not arrived yet.

I arrived to the top and waited for Agata who was able to saunter up more easily since Kathy's loan bicycle has a huge 30 cog gear and a tiny front ratio too.

 Stop 4: I think it was here that Agata left her water bottle behind!  Still it made her bicycle lighter, and husband Marcus was on a record fast ... today drank less than 500ml in 5 hours cycling.  So I had fluids for her.

We had a great time.   We got to and away from the event with extreme efficiency on he train.  On the ride nothing broke down or fell off.   Marcus's hill climb was a little agonising, but I made it.  Agata lost a water bottle, but we will live!   We got some loud cycling shirts out of the day.   We celebrated over a large dinner at home.  A pretty good day all round.


Marcus ate an almost infinitely large quantity of Gruyere cheese, + 1 powerbar.
Marcus drank <500ml of fluid.  Preciously little, but it's sort of training for Marathon de Sables, you know it is.
Agata drank > 1 litre water
Times reflect our rambling attitude to the event.

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