Monday, July 04, 2016

I want to Resign

Nigel Farage at the EU Parliament

Subtitle: Chaos in Little England

When I was just a little younger  I was quite a fan of the British TV series: That was the Week that was   Today I think this title could be a summary of the Political goings on in England.

I shall try to make this review as impartial as possible, but I can say from the outset that the only winners so far are British Comedians, oh and perhaps the America public who can briefly point towards England  (they never say Britain or the UK) and say:  Great, at last another close developed country with even greater problems than Clinton vs Trump.

Nigel Resigns

Nigel Farage resigns on July 4th

David Resigns

David Cameron resigns

Tony Blair DoubleTalk

Tony Blair DoubleSpeak

Tony Blair is a superb statesman.  No question his weasel words sounds convincing (as usual), because at the heart of it, he works to 'not brexit'.

Chris Evans Resigns

Chris Evans resigns

Sound comments from Tiff of course

Jeremy does not Resign

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour  (left wing) leader refused to resign despite losing a vote of confidence from the majority of his Labour elected Members of Parliament

In the UK
So for the replacement leader to David Cameron who is head of the governing Conservative party, the choices seem to be Michael Gove and Teresa May.   A choice between /are you kidding me/ and /who?/ one might say.

IMHO Marcus would state that I still regard David Cameron as by far the best current Conservative statesman to BRexit.  He's not perfect, but far better than the rest.

Marcus is Resigned

In many ways I know exactly how Nigel and David and Chris feel. Marcus and Agata have out of choice made large life changes in the last 24 months.

In the workplace, we were fed up with

- Bullies
- Racists
- Open Sexism
- Thefts of my property
- Incompetence
- Outsourcing Incompetence
- Cost cutting with /penny wise, pound foolish/ mentality
- Bureaucracy
- Management support, or refusing to act on any or all of the above

Our stated position is now as of the Magratheans  We are in hibernation until the upturn in actions, ethics, behaviour is evidenced.

Comedy Gold
Back to the winners so far:

16x03 Dead Ringers

This had us in tears, and I mean in a good way.