Thursday, July 14, 2016

Friday Integrity

Ashley Madison: Hotel

To Marcus the above is an advertising spin on infidelity.

I speak frankly when I say that we are all open to temptation.  Most of us adults know in our hearts what the right thing to do is

The story for many of us is:

- less than ideal; to blatantly bad childhoods
- Parental role models of the worst kind, perhaps including infidelity, physical and/or mental abuse towards peers and children

The hope is though, that over the course of a lifetime, interaction with the wider world, with just other people, gets you out of even those bad childhood norms.

To a place where today, in the 21st Century, with the enormity of the free Internet at your fingertips you do not have to continue to rely on the crutches of:  My parents told me it is so.  My religion told me it is so.

By all means be spontaneous,   just don't knowingly be spontaneously stupid.

And if you are planning a long term deception then be aware somebody will be hurt and emotionally scarred, even if it not necessarily you.   

Be mindful.