Friday, July 08, 2016

Financial Watch: Blame it on the BREXIT

Crazy: A story of Debt

The truth according to marcus is simple.  BRexit is not the cause of the financial palpitations of 2016 and before. But these latest market flutters will hopefully be an alert signal to financial mandarins to set a change in the course of actions that began as an innocent market rescue in the wake of the bankruptcy of Lehman on September 15, 2008.

A quite unemotional and bipartisan  free analysis of where we are now is given in the above 40 minute Youtube video.  I would recommend it highly.

And then I would recommend reading up on some of the key financial woes of the modern developed world, that actually might bring the house of cards tumbling.  Really, it's not BREXIT that is to blame.

UK monetary and fiscal policy might not be perfect but the scale of the actions that the EC continues to introduce to Engineer a recovery  (see video) is best left now rather than later.

Italian Bank Woes

Deutsche Bank

US Interest Rates

Oh and BRRD


We are again at the point where markets begin to stress about

the return of capital
and not
the return on capital

Mika: Blame it on the Girls