Friday, July 15, 2016

But We Love Lausanne

Olstead and Cincotti: Breaking up is Hard

Subtitle: Trying not to live in Lausanne

I'm sure all foreigners living in Switzerland, such as Marcus and Agata, and even most Swiss would agree:

Living in Switzerland is very expensive.

For some time we've been considering our position, trying to find somewhere that is an alternative to Lausanne.  But increasingly it is our beloved Lausanne, well because:

01 The Lake

The lake is about 5Km and 30 minutes drive at most from our home.  Here watersports are the norm with sailing, windsurfing and SUP (Stand Up Paddle) commonplace.   During the months May to September inclusive the water is warm enough for excellent Triathlon training.

02 The Vineyards

There is not only local wine, but spectacular views and road cycling routes through the vineyards.  The famous Corniche less than 10Km and is on the official list of most beautiful spots in Switzerland tourist route.  

03 The Ski Resort(s)

The ski resort of Champery is less than 1 hour door to door, and when you ski over the mountain you reach the French resort Avoriaz.

And in the summer you can of course just hike or trail run or mountain bike these trails instead.  Bliss

04 The Mountains

In the summer season there is at least one and often more trail running race in nearby mountain villages.  Here in Switzerland Sport and mountain exercise is taken for granted around Lausanne. 

Mountain walks are also easily possible or hikes between beautiful regions stopping for lunch at quaint Swiss mountain retreats for lunch.  Not so bad!

05 The 50 metre pool(s) and Tracks

There is the Lutry, heated outdoor pool, open from May until September.  It is a gem and often almost empty, you can be assured to have no more than 2 of you in each 50 metre long lane on a typical 1 hour swim session.  What luxury.  And the same year long swim pass will give you access to all of Lausanne's many (well > 4) pools anytime.

And we have access to not one but two running tracks.  Open all the time, and with shower facilities.

06 The Weather

As a fair weather and dry road only cyclist I can attest that rain is kept to a minimum. It is extremely rare that at some point in the day you cannot go out for a 2 hour, dry road cycle.

07 The Postal System
The postal system just works.  Whilst there have been some cutbacks reducing the number of local post offices we still have 2 within 2km, not bad I think.   And postal deliveries every day.  And a trust system whereby small parcels are simply left in the unlocked lower portion of the postbox.  Because in Lausanne, it is still pretty safe.

08 The good Driving

Outside of the town people are not so much in a hurry.  You can pootle along at 50 Km/h and not be flashed by road rage drivers.  This means whilst cycling you are not often pushed off the road by drivers who for the most part are impeccably behaved.

09 The Cleanliness

When Agata and Marcus step out back to our respective home countries we are of course happy.  But also sad that home does not match up to the tidiness and cleanliness of Switzerland.  We are always rather glad to return to Lausanne.   

Not just in our tiny Apartment, but the majority of Lausanne is meticulously clean

10 The Serenity
There are birds and some cows to mainly interrupt our lives aurally.  And to a lesser extent cars and screaming kids.  But less so that in other areas we have lived.  This is not New York with steaming sidewalks, or London with beeping taxis.  No, it's an altogether more serene and most would say refined place to be.

By the way when I speak of Lausanne I'd include Lausanne the city and the neighbouring towns of Lutry, Pully, and towns along the lake like Lavaux, Saint Saphorin, Corseau, La Tour de Peilz, Clarens upto Montreux.


Today I spied the above Porker outside a wine bar in town.  I thought, this Porsche 356 perfectly sums up our current hometown:
Chic, Beautifully Tidy, Fit for Purpose,  Graceful not Macho, Classy.   Just like Lausanne.

Yes, Lausanne is going to be a tough act to follow, and we are still searching, so please get in touch if you think you know the equal of such an idyllic location.

Porsche 356