Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bertrand Belin at Festival de la Cite

We were excited to see that Lausanne's yearly city festival which was preserved to the city streets now also includes La Sallaz.

La Sallaz is just south of where we live in Lausanne Switzerland.  Besides the metro there has been extensive urban redevelopment.  It has taken about 5 years so far.  Yes, what could have been done in china in about 5 months, took a lot longer here.

But even the area around the bus shelter looks great now!

Bertrand Belin

We vsited a few times during the week .  The most interesting was a pop concet from Bertrand Belin

Thanks to our friend Medalit we had seats next to her.  She has to sit and reserve the seats, all we did is merely turn up.  So we are really grateful.

Bertrand is an entertainer and just a little weird in places.

 Ou research indicates the 2015 album Cap Waller contains the music we heard that night

Via Spotify.  Sounded great to me.

It just shows, sometimes if you make an effort to do something and not just stay at home surfing, something nice happens.  In this case we discovered a new musical artist.

Festival de la cite
Bertrand Belin