Monday, July 18, 2016

Bee Nice

You are looking at the fantabulous Agata and Marcus Bee hotel that we installed a few months back.

Marcus is particularly fond of bees mostly because of the honey.  Honey is part of my daily breakfast porridge regime. To me it is still amazing that millions of bees are able to satisfy the human demand for honey.   I only hope that honey does not become more popular because I fear only honey prices and not production would rise as a result.

Additionally,  Bees are very hard working, sort of cute looking, and make a very nice noise.

For years
We have had bees buzzing around our apartment in Switzerland and we read up on the situation that these are solitary bees who are nominally not part of a hive.  And such bees need homes!

This was our first attempt at a home, which was a considerable effort to lug a large wooden stump from the forest, then cut and drill it.

Then one day Aldi had a special offer on Bee Houses.  Agata said I could buy just one :-(  so that is also installed on the balcony and we are please to report that some of the tubes have been filled and sealed.

So we are expecting some baby bees sooner or later.

We are excited!  More news later.