Friday, July 01, 2016

Attention to Detail

Subtitle: Still in Mourning

To set the scene.  This morning Marcus went for a swim in the Sea. I took my clothes down to the rocky shore in an IKEA bag.  To my horror I noticed that the bag's label had not been removed.  And so right after swimming

it was.  This is the kind of obsessive level of detail that Agata and Marcus employ on a daily basis.

And I mention it in the context of the still poignant and deeply upsetting theft of our race bicycles as discussed earlier.  It was that kind of detail that led us to exactly optimise our bicycles for the constant use we made of them

- over 5K Km per year usage each. 
- for training and races
- On Swiss mountain stages i.e. not just for flat, calm roads
- Specialised wheelsets for hill stages and differing road surfaces
- Bulletproof reliability, using the best componentry, we don't like getting stranded
- Full of Innovations, the attached Shimano action cam, the sub 150 gram high power LED lights,  the duct tape logo hiding tape, the re-legaled triathlon bars, the Ant+ monitoring equipment. All carefully thought out.  All now gone thanks to the criminal behaviour of some thoughtless shits in Avignon.  Hmmm.

Recovery Process #1
In order to be more than un-ready for our forthcoming tour de France etap stage.  And Agata being without any bicycle currently we made some investigations

- Agata has filled in a webform on advice from some friends in Lausanne to pre-book a road bicycle for the race (only)
- We have an offer of a training bike  (thanks Kathy! in advance) to in the week leadup
- Marcus made a Wiggle order for parts for an emergency retrofit his remaining bicycle  (Mr Green) with a cassette that will enable him to cycle up and not walk up a steep hill. [The current specialised monoblock cassette is 11-23, driven from a 56/44,  and this would be hopeless on the forthcoming stage].

So we are trying to recover, but it is expensive, and contrary to multiple opinions, are funds are increasingly limited.

But we are not ready to give in, just yet.

Rudimental: Not Giving In

Attention to detail at