Wednesday, July 06, 2016

A trip to VeloLand

We are currently shopping for a variety of cycling components and as keen cyclists our first stop is always local shops here in Switzerland.

The 20% Rule
Despite being on a limited budget we try to support local industry.  So, the basic rule is, if something be it components or complete bicycles are within 20% of a mail order price we will try to buy locally.

The Try in Shop Rule
The don't be an asshole rule is:  If you try something on in a shop and then knowingly go and buy it from a different company via mail order, you are basically an asshole. Or well, in more polite parlance, certainly not a very nice person.

What did we see? 

(At Veloland Lausanne)

BMC Time machine with Ultegra

Motorex is a Swiss company and they supply now Cycle specific grease, plus also carbon paste to increase friction for example at seatposts.

Good selection of Continental tyres at about the 20% markup of Uk prices.

Speedplay pedals but at a price

Good range of Garmin including the Ant+ sensors

Bontrager, not normally a make I like, but they now have some innovated lights

Really an excellent selection of seatposts at throw-away prices.  Impressed.

Decent nutrition selection

Good range of Garmin sportswatches at uncompetitive prices  (other Swiss retailers like Digitec are much cheaper)

Good selection of Speedplay bits and bobs

Even at -15% discount the price of finished bicycles was eye-watering and not in a good way.  

Overall VeloLand Lausanne and the accompanying online store  represent some pretty decent (by Swiss standards) bicycle shopping.  Next time I need a replacement tyre, or items required asap,  I think I will start here rather than UK mail order.