Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Terrorism, BREXIT and Donald Trump

Donald Trump on National Security

Let me be quite clear,  I may not agree with everything that Donald Trump says,  or indeed his logic, but his tough, non nonsense line on the Orlando LGBT nightclub murders was pretty unequivocal to me.

As a result of Orlando, and the result of speeches as shown above, I will say the LGBT community will now stand with; or seriously consider standing with, i.e. voting for Trump.

Telegraph Poll Tracker

I am deliberately making the connection between terrorism and how people vote with the following stark warning.

BREXIT vote is Thursday June 23, 2016
UEFA Euro 2016 is June 10 to July 10 2016

At the time of writing BREXIT %, i.e. those who say that they will vote for the UK to leave the EC European Community is neck and neck.

There would just need to be one European based terrorist attack involving UK nationals which can reasonably be attributed to poor UK border control or immigration policy and the BREXIT vote will further slide towards leaving.

And to a lesser extent if there would be any European mainland based terrorist incident at UEFA Euro 2016,  I believe the same voting shift, although smaller would result.

In Other Words

For many factors, not limited to further EC disintegration, all UK Political parties and major EC governments, without exception want the UK to remain in the EC.  Even though by everybody's analysis the UK participation has traditionally been half arsed and confrontational.

So,  European Governments, and their associated Security Services are quite metaphorically shitting themselves with worry that any terrorist,  and this would likely be a 'so called' Islamic terrorist related issue, will present itself between today June 15 and June 23. Present itself and not be detected and disarmed before execution.

The clock is quite literally ticking.

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Important Footnote
The Trump video that I highlighted contains a number of  accusations and [gross] inaccuracies. I don't dispute that.  I'm focusing on the Religious Ideology & Political Ideology that such killers simply read from their holy books. Google SearchExample Article result When I read from these Holy texts, as I do frequently, IMHO, I am not reading Radical Islam, merely Islam.