Sunday, June 05, 2016

Switzerland: Taxation without all that Representation nonsense

There is a famous American phrase /No taxation without representation/ that still did not exactly make its way to our home in Switzerland.

In Switzerland there are 3 categories of voting rights and none of them depend on the taxation that you must pay on your worldwide earnings and assets due in Switzerland yearly

[Off topic, but Switzerland taxes earning and ALL your assets.  So if you own a car or a house, which lets say you bought with legal taxed funds:  Then every year the value of the asset, say the house is taxed, again.  Oh and again, every year.]

Back to voting.  The three hierarchies of Swiss voting are

a) Swiss citizen: Full voting rights

b) Foreigners resident with Permit C,  voting rights for local canton matters like traffic regulations, building plans, local MP's, but not federal MP's

c) Foreigners resident with Permit L or B.  No Voting rights matey.  Bugger off!

If we look at the latest referendum

Well we would dearly liked to have voted on the above issues.  But guess what, we are not Swiss citizens.  So: no can do.

And, since Marcus has personally paid Switzerland so much tax (on the famous UN poverty scale it would be several thousands of years of earnings, and I am not kidding),  well Switzerland should be thankful that Agata and Marcus are so generous even when we are denied to right to vote on the significant issues of our adopted home country.

Swiss landmark vote