Monday, June 13, 2016

Switzerland: Honesty Calling

Moby: Honey

Subtitle: Baby [Lenovo] is back

After returning home to Lausanne Switzerland at about 02 am, Saturday June 11th without my favourite, and these days, my only laptop, the wonderful Lenovo U430,  I waited on the honesty of somebody in Switzerland to locate and hand in my lost laptop.

And a lost property office in Geneva called me at 10.02, not bad, since they officially opened at 10.00.  There was a comical request from them to "tell me the password" so "I can check it is your laptop", that I obviously refused.  I said I would be driving to Geneva forthwith to pickup my baby.

By 13.00, after an hours drive, and impatiently waiting behind 2 rather more stressed people reporting a loss,  I paid my 20 CHF reward money and proved ownership by entering the 3 necessary passwords, leadin to my picture appearing on a logon screen.

Mission accomplished!

A Good Clean
On returning home, the first celebration, apart from a hug or two was a celebration clean.

And speaking of back ...

The Equals: Baby Come Back

Player: Baby Come Back

One Last Thing

Since this is a dual booting Centos and Microsoft Windows 10 laptop, I recommend that Windows Find My Device is set on for this laptop.  This way I can always use a logged on, authenticated Web session (2 factor obviously) to find out where the last known position of the laptop was.

And so: it is Goodnight from Marcus and again goodnight from Lenny back at home in Lausanne.