Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sunday Sermon: All about the Music

Boiler Room: Altern 8

This is the 75 minute Altern 8 music set live from Boiler Room

Apart from the obvious benefit and practice of signing onto YouTube and maintaining a list of channel subscriptions,  what is all this Boiler Room and Altern 8 stuff?

So Altern-8 or Altern8 or Altern 8 are a British electronic dance bank that I would characterise as important and influential in the early 1990s.   altern-8 on wikipedia

Boiler Room 
They claim to be the home of Underground Music. It is also all of a Website and a YouTube channel and a SoundCloud presence

To Marcus and Agata,  we appreciate Dance music and this single production above is to us one of the classic Boiler Room sets,  that take us right back to the 90's.   

NB: With our preferences,  of course we were at Lausanne Dance, Friday night.   

Marcus usually listens to at least 4 hour of Audio daily, and a good proportion of that, say during exercise, so 2 hours plus, would be Dance Music related.

Music, Religion and Society

I've previously spoken on the relationship between Music and Religion, for example here

Certain societies place limits on what music can be legally consumed and the prohibitions can be derived from Religious doctrine.  It is brought to mind especially when I hear about cases like

Radiohead fans attacked at Istanbul record shop

I believe that eventually you have a choice to make.

- If you are Religious
- And your Religion puts limits on what music should be allowed and in what context
- For example, it might say that the ONLY form of music allowed is religious music, and that no other music of any form is allowable
- THEN if for example you like or love or appreciate DANCE music or CLASSICAL music one can say one of:

1. The Religious stance is definitively wrong, and by extension if this is a fundamental unalterable tenet of the Religion, then it follows that you believe the Religion is wrong / inconsistent.

In the limit you may feel it is impossible to belong to a Religion that takes this view and will actively leave the Religion that you have until now been associated with or supporter to.

2. Your feelings however strong are misplaced.  The Religion doctrine is correct and you therefore must be a Sinner or in error.  It is your error, because the Religious doctrine, must by definition be true, and so your view, even if its based on your positive feelings and emotions listening to said musical genre of your preference, must be wrong and should be corrected.

3. Something else, hopefully not including a waffly compromise

To Marcus
Most music,  and my rough qualifications would be, non religious, and non hateful music,  brings people together.  It is able to unite different classes, ethnicity's, social grouping, even cultures.   So to restrict the category and use only for Religion, or to ban it altogether, is a regressive and negative act.   As above, if your Religion or Society forbids it, but you love it, one of you is just plain wrong.