Monday, June 13, 2016

Still more exciting than Football

It is that time of the year again when Marcus and Agata have to suffer through an epidemic that is apparently sweeping thru the whole of Europe.  

UEFA Euro 2016 

This malady is for the most part harmless, but there are significant numbers of people who are not just distracted, but whose behaviour has moved past the level of what we could describe as normal

The Affected

Thankfully before their behaviour and irrationality have moved past the given norm, they have self medicated and placed small warning flag on their cars.  For the worst affected multiple flags are attached.

These visuals are to alert other members of the public that the occupants may be subject to behaviours which can include

- loud shouting
- uncontrolled and seemingly endless use of their car horn
- driving in an overly enthusiastic and erratic manner
- talking incessantly at work, about 'their team', and 'the game'
- being late to work, 'because of the game'
- taking time off work, 'to watch, the game'
- being distracted at home, glued in front of the television, watching 'the game'
- being sick, morose, visually withdrawn when their team, 'unfairly lost a game'

So if you see any of these afflicted people, courage.  I believe the madness will be over by July 11, 2016