Thursday, June 23, 2016

Shitournalism Part2

Subtitle: Shit Journalism #2

Marcus already commented on the state of Apple rumour journalism here

I also commented that the Hardware-less WWDC announcements were appropriate

Unfortunately I had forgotten one important factor.  Namely that only an actual hardware announcement would stem the flow of absolute drivel that I continue to face on a daily basis via my RSS articles feed.

Of the 1000 articles of a variety of topics that I scan and read if appropriate,  the number of Apple speculation articles is preposterously high.

Another One
In this latest piece of twaddle

- They say that the iPhone 7, will have an audio jack and 2 SIM slots
- They make reference to a set of photographs, from a repair company,  wow, what a quality source
- In those photographs, I see a dual camera, reference to Sandisk Memory component
- I did not see any Audio Jack
- In a linked photograph I see a Dual SIM part, but not in a completed phone
- Are you shitting me?

Strong language, because this is just a total waste of my time.  I can't think of any rational person that would take this of evidence of anything.

But if I was to believe it,  the story would be

a) Apple decided to remove audio jack
b) Apple thinks again and puts it back
c) Apple gives us dual-sim, which Asian carrier have done for perhaps the last decade and is common Industry Smartphone practice  (even OnePlus now has a Dual SIM offering)

Real Engineering
Real Engineering takes time and involves prototypes.  Prototypes are made with features and tested.  Not all features make the final production design and manufacture.

If we think back to the olden days, with some IBM equipment I was familiar with, whole hardware features might be included, produced, and not switched on or disclosed or used.  Because there was not the time to document, code (the associated Software) and adequately test them

Back in the day,  my Zilog Z80,  which I initially had to hand debug, in Hex,  had undisclosed instructions, that never made the docs.

The Answer
I am going to make a list of the sites that are sending me this drivel.  And see over a period of some weeks the ratio per site of drivel to value.  And if the drivel ratio is too high then disconnect.  And if it gets worse, take the extreme step.  Step of the grid; into a ultra marathon trail running programme.