Wednesday, June 15, 2016

OnePlus 3 == Comedy

As a OnePlus owner, well in fact as of last week a former OnePlus One owner,  I thought I might entertain the prospect of buying their latest and greatest OnePlus 3 /flagship/ mobile phone

No Invites
The famous or I should say infamous OnePlus invite system where you had to beg, or somehow receive an invite to 'allow you the privilege' to buy a phone direct from OnePlus is no more.  Instead they have replaced it with a webstore that just does not actually work ....

Ah, The Comedy

At the top level screen I do see 2x Buy Now buttons

I am logged in as me, and I have checked my Country and other Personal information is correct.

Pressing any /Buy Now/ Button gets here
Pressing Discover goes back to the screen above

Pressing Cart gets here, but Add to Cart on any item does nothing

Change to another Region button does not work

 The Where to Buy page and drop downs do not work


The specs page works.  Should I be grateful :-)

The above tests were performed on Firefox 47.0 64bit and Chrome Canary 64bit 53.0.2767.0

Getting It Right
When any retailer works the crowd into a buying frenzy, promises them the ability to buy, and then lets them down at the first opportunity, i.e. at the ordering stage.

Well, it is far from the Divine Comedy

Luckily Marcus is a very patient man.  Living in Switzerland, and a lifelong experience with Enterprise and smaller IT has taught me.  

Low expectations are key

So no order is possible for today.   I might give it another go in 7 days.

Muppets they are.

Gramatik: Don't let me down