Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Microsoft Band 2 and Heart Palpitations

At several times on Wednesday Marcus was in possession of fits of almost uncontrollable heart palpitations, rage and anger.

The reason?

Ironically, the combination of the Microsoft Health App and the Microsoft Band 2 activity monitor which together have conspired against me.

On Wednesday Marcus and Agata had some important face to face business meetings but I found myself distracted.  Whilst the logical part of my brain told me to stop farting about and concentrate on the important, the IT  (Information Technology), part of my brain reasoned: Must solve Band 2 syncing issue ...

- surely I must be doing something wrong
- Nobody could possibly design an application this badly
- One that has a fail state that leaves both the application and the device unusable
- One that deletes all data on your device before an update
- One that if the updates fails, cannot easily be restarted
- One that if the device update fails there seems to be no way to power down the device, its stuck in an update cycle, waiting for its battery power to die.

So, after trying so many random procedures, including rebooting smartphone, reinstalling software, restarting application  (well about 30 times, and I am not exaggerating),  restarting the Microsoft Band to Android pair process, again over 20 times, because yes, I did count, and generally almost bursting a blood vessel, finally at about 18.00 in the evening, having been trying since 09.30,  I managed to

- update the MS band 2 firmware to 2.0.4829.0
- make the initial link from Band 2 to Android Smartphone
- start counting steps, (not helpful as my primary garmin tracker says 16,000, and of course there is no way to enter them in manually

So, Microsoft Health and Band then

I did not make a full review yet, but I can say

- I was an early band 2 adopter.
- This means I paid a high price (almost 200 GBP) and received a half finished product , well in terms of software; that I thought might get better with time
- There is no insider programme with the Microsoft Band, in other words all the updates that I apply are supposed to be production quality code improvements
- But today's update has been more difficult than I can possibly imagine

I a still so bloody cross that I think if I had a hammer handy there is a good chance that I would get the Microsoft Band 2 and crush it into pieces.

Microsoft is not rewarding me for my early adoption and loyalty, quite the reverse, they are punishing me.  Today the Band 2 has had drastic price cuts, and still to me the multiple sensors on the device are not being well used by the software, and some basic features are just missing.    I will write a full review soon, but let me say that this 6 month experiment has so far not exactly had me /singing in the isles/