Saturday, June 25, 2016

LokSak Waterproof Phone Bag Review

Subtitle: Not bad then

At a recent Cycle Exhibition in Switzerland one of the stalls was selling LokSak, Waterproof Smartphone bags.  And for a bargain price.  Since this is Switzerland I nearly fainted with shock.   Here is my review

But I have a Case
First off you might not need a cover, but as Athletes we have some specific requirements

- First we take our phones everywhere.  Imagine you are in the mountains, with phone signal, but lost.  There are so many reasons why you should always carry a phone during your training exercise, and for most Ultra trail competitions, a phone is a mandatory kit item, just like a jacket or a whistle.

- If we are out exercising it is likely we will be sweating!  And it could easily be raining.  So water, or salty moisture is likely to attack our phone

For this reason a hard shell or even a folding case covering the front is not sufficient.

You really something that is waterproof.

A Plastic Bag
Until LokSak Marcus used the Plastic Bag re-cycle strategy.

Simply, you find a heavyweight, watertight plastic bag.  Put the phone in it, and I select one that is long enough to have a simply fold to stop water getting in.

This won't work if you fall into a lake, but it will keep the phone totally dry in the rain   (of course you are using Bluetooth headphones so the bag is totally closed without headphone lead).

This is an actual photo of a particularly strong plastic bag that lasted the last 5 months, that is over 400 individual uses, before it tore and had to be replaced.


I bought two loksak bags and the newer design has a double ziplock seal.

Unfortunately after about 3 weeks of use, this split at the top, and so I've repaired it with the unsightly duct tape shown on the left

We are now into month2 of usage, about  5 weeks in

So the views are

- The idea is that you can see the display inside the bag, it's waterproof and you can use the touchscreen and press the buttons.  All without getting the phone out.

Sounds fantastic right?

- The loksak is a little wide, they have different bags for different phone sizes.  The consequence is that pushing the phones side buttons feels like its stressing the plastic body of loksak.  But it is still working and it's still waterproof.

- I did test the waterproof in a sink of water.  Yes it works.  For us though we don't intend to use the phone in a bag underwater.  That would be crazy.  Just inside the bag whilst out exercising in all weathers.

- As you can see between the used and original bags the transparency seems to be fading

- The advantage over a regular plastic bag being able to operate the phone without removal is good.  Though for photos I do take it out, so its not always a saving.

- Putting the phone in and closing the seals is very fast, and faster than putting into the old plastic bag and folding over.

Well if it wasn't for the plastic between the two seals splitting and having to be duct taped I would have given this product a full thumbs up.   Now I still recommend it.  The cost for 2 bags for about 10 USD i.e. 10 CHF.  More than the 0 cost for the reused plastic bag.  If it lasts say 2 months for 2 bags then I'm pretty happy, so it's still an OKay buy.

Loksak Waterproof Phone Bags