Wednesday, June 01, 2016

It is always a DNS problem

Subtitle: I basically GIVE UP

It all started with a simple task to update my Backup mobile phone Operating System. Seems like a simple task.  I thought I might use the house router Wi-Fi connection because it benefits from an unlimited i.e. uncapped Internet Plan and my current SIM in my Smartphone is capped.

Okay, this is unexpected, let us look at the IP address settings:

So, Windows 10 Mobile attaches the phone to the House Wifi Network and takes the faulty DNS of the router.   So I need to manually set the DNS to Google i.e.

Guess what, Windows 10 Mobile DOES NOT allow me to manually set the DNS, it takes the value from the router DHCP and will not allow me to change it.

I goto my Workstation where the DNS is manually set to and you see that the name resolution works.  But when I use the router it fails miserably.   Bloody great.

Next, why is the Router Screwing Up?

The ASUS 4G-N12 

So let's check the router, when powered from a WAN based Internet ..  yes you can setup the DNS server thus

But when you select the LTE SIM based Internet source, i.e. the whole point of this Router, there is NO DNS setup, and in fact in this case the DNS of the DHCP serving is set to the router and in this case it goes nowhere

In the process I did of course check and upgrade the firmware to the April 2016 level...  yes,  still no DNS server setting under LTE.


Primarily then this is a failure of W10M, Windows 10 Mobile.  You can't setup the DNS server manual but must accept the one in the DHCP server request to you.

And if the DNS server sent is bogus, as it is here from the ASUS 4G-N12 router, then basically you are screwed and your phone will connect to the Wireless Access point fine, but with an invalid DNS so any internet name base request, e.g. any browser request, etcetera will fail.

So, all in all,  I'm about to give up with Windows 10 Mobile.  I think if I have the funds an Asus Zenfone 3 might make a more suitable backup Smartphone, or even a dusty old iPhone.