Friday, June 24, 2016

Heartbroken and Upset

Subtitle: Robbed Blind

This is a short and bitter post to almost cry and scream aloud on the Internet about the fact that our beautiful Motorhome has been broken into at great loss to ourselves.

This just happened in Avignon France.

We had packed the usual load of mainly professional Sports equipment in training preparation for our French etape stage which is in some weeks time.

We left our Motorhome to goto the famous /Palais des Papes/  and after paying returned to our motorhome to find

- Stolen Bicycles
- In particular Agatas Ribble, Black, Shimano Dura Ace 7900 bicycle.  her only bicycle.  Without which our holiday is diminished and her etape is clearly impossible without replacement
- In particular Marcus' beautiful hand crafted Ribble / Dedacciai  Red framed HF 83+ and Shimano Dura Ace 9000 bicycle.
- Stolen computers
- Sports equipment for example swimming, players, specialist equipment gone
- Our sports timers and watches gone
- Even my specialist bicycle lights and trail running lights stolen
- Even my reading glasses stolen
Our bicycles were discretely placed inside the motor home and our motorhome is also discreet and not in any way standing out in france aside from the Swiss registration plates.

Time and Money
Specialist equipment like this can't be adequately insured  (please let us know if you know different for Swiss residents, suffering a loss outside of Switzerland in a mobile home).  So we face a major financial loss in the order of 5 figures CHF/ USD,  because the even the raw cost of the bicycles was in that order.

BUT TIME is the even greater issue.  Nearly everything that was stolen was researched, and in most cases, bought on special offer and hand crafted in the case of our race bicycles.  This took many months to do, in most cases it was evolutionary.  A change of braking systems here, a new carbon fibre seat there etc.

We are basically totally screwed.  

Oh, and they broke our motorhome too.

We try to approach life in a benevolent, tolerant and giving fashion, but events like this make us wonder if this effort is really worth it or not.