Friday, June 03, 2016

Getting older, with teeth

I suppose this is a cautionary tale is especially for young people.  I hope that it does not come across as a /don't blame me if you have these problems, when you get old/ kind of routine.

Marcus spent a good proportion of yesterday in the Dentist.  Now that I am advancing into old age I feel a terrible prediction from youth, my prediction, becoming true

- Most of your body will go one forever
- Well pretty much forever
- Excluding your Eyes
- Excluding your Teeth
- So your teeth is at least something you can stop from screwing up

Quite Simply Then

- Brush your teeth regularly
- Personally I'd use an Electric toothbrush
- Floss regularly
- Goto the Dentist for a checkup at least 1 time per year
- Try not to get into too many brawls where your teeth will get punched out  (I am in fact serious here)
- Goto the Dental Hygienist once per year

The above brutal photograph is part of the painful hour or so where I was at the mercy of the hygienist.   Unfortunately there are no witnesses but I can tell you it was

- painful
- my hand was firmly gripping the chair at times
- my body was tense
- my feet were dancing around trying to make sort of SOS signals which nobody picked up on

But at the end of it all, plaque was removed,  I had some good advice and guidance, and now the dentist, whose meeting followed,could see any dental issues more clearly.

So, advice to the kids: Don't neglect your teeth,  I mean ever,