Monday, June 20, 2016

General Guisan 2016

Pre General Guisan

Subtitle: Ouch and Ouch

After the day spent at Chamonix volunteering we came away with some satisfaction, but also knackered quads from our brief mountain run.

Later that night, literally every step was agony, and so we were not sure if we could or should attempt the forthcoming 40Km hike / march that is called General Guisan.

For background on Guisan see our 2015 attempt

2016 Attempt
Since Lausanne and Vaud Canton Switzerland is experiencing weeks of torrential rain, a dry Saturday morning forced the issue.

Although every flippin step, even to walk was excruciatingly painful, we got up, got on some hiking gear, and got to the race start at Mezieres for a respectable pre 09.00

We still did not know if we could actually jog, but we thought at worst we'd have to walk the 40Km.   The race plan was:

- If it is flat plod / jog
- If it is a descent: plod / jog pain
- If it is a hill: walk

Less than 5Km and we spot the crazy wooden house

 Agata is getting away again.  She is fast

 Stop 1

 Men in military uniforms with Swiss flags

 Beware of the killer squirrels

 Stop 2

 Stop 3

 Agata says get a flippin move on

 Split point for the 40Km marche

 Good Swiss Cows

 More Swiss Cows

 One of many tractors

 Gingerbread house

 Stop 4

Marcus manages a smile, though we are both still in leg based ouch agony.

 Stop 5

We get held up at the crossing for the longest time!  But for that our finish time would have been substantially quicker of course :-)

 Stop 6

5Km to go!

Vintage Tractor

A wall of cobwebs over 20 metres long.  Unbelievable and just a bit creepy

 We finished!

Our checkpoint card

Later that Day
Our closest small town and also metro stop is Sallaz.

For over 1 year, no in fact for over 2 years now they have been buggering about knocking down buildings, resurfacing, rebuilding the library  (yes with books!!) and rebuilding some accommodation.

Today was the /we really have finished/ celebration

Best bit for us was the munchkins playing on stage.  Very sweet.  Not shown but next to the stage a flock of proud parents congregated.

And Finally
Time to get back home finally and celebrate the end of the day with a spot of wine in our General Guisan commemorative glasses.  As you can see we have several years of them  ( one per entry)