Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Financially: Don't buy Anything now

Talking Heads: Burning Down the House

Subtitle:  Stop buying  Everything, NOW!

Marcus is spending a pronounced amount of time lately looking at Personal, Country and even Global finances.   We are in the second month of a personal finance tracker, and I will write about that later.

But the headline result of looking at some of today's Financial press is, a reminder to speak out the mantra now. That is:

Personally: Stop buy anything today

That you can buy tomorrow!

Bond Madness


Toyota Issues Bond At A 0.001% Coupon


Global Financial irregularities have never been greater.  And Ladies and Gentlemen, there are 2 jokers still to play


b) The US Presidential Election


Not only is our home Swiss economy is experiencing Deflation, but many Economies.  Note, that you need to assess your Personal Inflation (Deflation) rate by considering the shopping basket of items that you purchase regularly.

Personal Deflation means by definition, that if you delay in buying an item, even if your money is held in a 0% interest (how generous) Bank savings account, then since it will be cheaper later:

DELAY purchase until absolutely necessary

You will be better off


Many household spends, from Laptops, to Tablets, to Smartphones, to Household appliances are heading toward oversupply.  New features are marginal and consumers can easily elect to stick with existing products they own (for free).  No upgrade is required. Even the Apple iPhone!  Yes,  by the end of 2016 I predict commoditisation to even that most superlatively profitable product, well until 2016, the iPhone.

Additionally, 2016 manufacturing and Supply chain has never been better.   An increasing glut of produce is accumulating, patience, and sellers will become more desperate, and lower their prices further.


Don't buy,  just wait.

Genesis: Land of Confusion


Apple upgrade cycle slows #DontPanic