Sunday, June 26, 2016

Congratulations to

I have to express a warm thanks to the three mobile network.  That is

After the horrific loss of property that Agata and Marcus suffered last week  we have been struggling to recover.

When you have such a loss you need not just a calm head but you need some logistical help.  And a good Internet and Phone connection is in these days of 2016 a must.  Mandatory.

Unfortunately roaming Internet from our adopted home country Switzerland is not possible economically.  What a surprise!

Also in France it is not possible to buy a cheap native Pay as You Go Datasim with multiple GB of data capacity   ( do tell me if our research is wrong please! And yes we tried Free).   This is possible in a number of our other favourite and often visited European countries including England and Poland.

And in this case my UK, phone account comes to the rescue.

If you follow this link

to the feel at home section

You will notice that for many European countries data roaming without too many limits is now possible.

Well, I found that for unlimited data at UK home, it is limited to 12GB in Europe.  This is a pretty large limit, even for Marcus and Agata, the only gotcha is that this connection from your smartphone cannot be hotspot shared

As a test I off course tried to hotspot the connection and was rather surprised when the PC that was attempting the share got a /BAD: you are trying to share this connection illegally/ message.  Sort of Impressive!

So finally
Marcus will not forget this great assistance that has been in our time of need.  Calling banks, credit card companies, insurance companies,  all of that was made easier thanks to three and I'm now sort of a fanboy and will write soon to tell them so personally.