Saturday, June 11, 2016

Completely Losing IT

Rolling Stones: Anybody seen my Baby

Considering the possible severity of the situation,  Marcus is remaining pretty calm.  To explain, due to gross stupidity of the first order I have lost my Laptop.

I reviewed my wonderful baby, now 2 year old Lenovo U430 laptop here

The Opportunity
One opportunity is that I am practically testing the honesty of the Swiss general public.  And in that regard I am quite bullish. Here in Switzerland visitors, residents and citizens are for the most part very honest.    So in the best case it will turn up and I will goto the relevant official station to retrieve, I think there is a small cost involved, and this normally goes to the person who handed in the item

Immediate Actions
The main action was to revoke trusted Google machine status for this laptop.  This means that any attempted Google signon will require 2 factor authentication.  Not that they should be able to signon anyway ...

This link tells you how, although I found I could not revoke a single machine, so I have revoked all machines instead.


Why So Calm Then
With a life spent in IT, a great proportion of your time is planning for disasters.   So that when data is corrupted, or a device lost or stolen, the consequences are manageable.

And boy, was this laptop protected

BIOS password - you can't tamper with any setting without a password
PowerON password - Every poweron needs a password
Hard Disk Password - There are 2 internal hard disks and you must unlock both with hardware encryption keys before you can proceed to load any OS
OS Logon - You obviously need a password to logon to the laptop

Encrypted personal files - Every single personal data file, and believe me there are quite a few, is protected by a multi level, out of plain sight, encryption mechanism, that quite obviously I shall give out no details in this public forum

So at best, if you dismantle the laptop,  you could possibly get around the BIOS, or install a new one, and then replace both hard disks, since you'll never crack those

The loss is limited to my beloved 2 year old laptop, which though sad would be manageable.

But of course,  that is not going to happen,  my honest countrymen I feel are even now handing in my laptop to a Police Station or equivalent, and expect to have a good news call, well, soon hopefully.

Google - Add or remove trusted devices