Wednesday, June 22, 2016

BREXIT: Make your Mind Up Time

Today is voting day for BREXIT.   If you have registered to vote, then make sure that you do.

I believe the primary consideration should be the health of your country, that is Britain, post vote.   If you feel leaving will make the country more prosperous, more together, or better by the metrics that you choose and value, then vote LEAVE.  Else if the reverse is true vote REMAIN

Peter Gabriel:JeuxSansFrontières‬

Secondary Considerations
What I think should not be a deciding factor are secondary matters outside the main question.   Here are some factors that should NOT influence your voting choice

- But voting LEAVE will crush the Conservative party
- EC won't trust us if we vote REMAIN
- EC says they will punish us if we LEAVE
- America won't like us if we LEAVE
- But Germany wants us to REMAIN
- But the EC will collapse if we vote LEAVE

In Out Shake it All About

So please, Dear Brits.  Just VOTE!