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Apple WWDC 2016

Apple SWIFT coding

Subtitle: A mini review of the Apple Developer Conference 2016

Moderately Giggling
It would be so easy to utterly take the piss out of the Apple WWDC 2016 announcement. But I shall only moderately take fun, because overall the Developer focused agenda I found quite impressive ...

Leading the Audience
Whilst all the speakers were professional,  Tim has put on a few pounds and that Engineer they got on for the message demo.  Not stage friendly.  Overall Craig Federighi was my favourite presenter.  Clear, precise, convincing.  The audience though ... They were not clapping and whooping in the right places.  So the more accomplished speakers  had to push catch phrases and pauses to get the audience clapping ...

We all love
Yeah it's really great
Yeah, right

No Hardware
WWDC is as the acronym suggests; a World Wide [Software] Developers Conference.  It should not be confused with a Hardware Launch or new Shiny things for fanboys (fangirls) event.  So for once, WWDC rang true to its name.  

And for that I am very pleased

The Good Stuff

- Swift programming for Kids.  As per keynote and excellent youtube video above.

- macOS  (The renamed OSX) has some handy features like copy/paste between different [Apple only] devices, trusted device unlock [like Android/ Chrome already],  Cloud Archive of less used files [ like IBM HSM],  seamless Data across devices [ like Google Drive or DropBox],  APFS, new Apple File System [Not sure upon what Industry standard FS if any it is based on].

- WatchOS3.  A version of the OS that according to friends who already have product, may make the product usable at last, instead of basically junk.

- iOS10.  Do lots of things from the lock screen like play music and look at calendars and make good  use of the 3D touch screen that you get on iPhone 6S [only] phones.

APFS APple File System
[not at the keynote by the way]

Of great interest to Marcus as a Storage guy is the new Apple File System.  I suppose it's not AFS  since that could confuse it with the established Andrew File System that I used extensively with UNIX and AIX.

The main documentation link for APFS is here

I did notice

- Nanosecond time stamping
- Sparse Files
- Clones
- Snapshots
- Atomic primitives for bundles and directories
- Share on network via SMB not AFP protocol
- TRIM, encryption, EA, 64bit inodes

Current APFS restrictions
-  macOS 10.12 and later
-  Cannot be a boot disk
-  Must be case sensitive
-  Not for TimeMachine backups
-  Can't be placed on a FusionDrive

A small Aside : WSL File System
Now that I have you excited about File Systems I would also suggest you give the Windows Subsystem for Linux File System Support article a read.   You know you want to.

Not for Me
Many WWDC announcements are useful only if you are deeply into the Apple ecosystem.   In Switzerland, where we have a disproportionately high count of Apple devices per person.  I asked Apple friend for their ratings (10 == great)

Apple Pay == 3
Not yet in Switzerland.  So its announcement for CH was good, enthusiasm limited.

Home Automation == 1
Established home automation and new providers like Swisscom. Apple Homekit who?

Apple Watch = 4
In the traditional home of the expensive and beautiful watch, Apple Watch is a rarity.

macOS = 3
Small improvements, non techies mostly told me "so what"

iOS = 4
Some nice improvements to Apple Music et al.  And the device unlocking.

maps/ photos : Useful enhancements but only if you buy into the Apple ecosystem.  Personally I prefer to keep things manual for photos and use Google infrastructure for Maps, photo sharing.

The Bad Shit

- The overly long, 20 minutes or so devoted to the Apple proprietary iMsg product, now with emojification, and backgrounds and special effects was mesmerising.  And to me, and an older adult, totally and utterly pointless.   I will chat to some young people soon and see if they are going to be touched with this

- No HW Updates to the Apple Watch, so whatever fitness app improvements it might have, it is still missing a GPS, which is a base requirement for any fitness watch. Period.

Deepak Chopra

My jaw almost hit the floor when Apple endorsed the now infamous DC, a person who psycho-babble is quite famous to most skeptics and thinking people.  And I don't mean in a good way.

Another View

Brian Tong:  WWDC, who stole the show?

Apple 2016 WWDC keynote

Whilst I've highlighted some of the important facts that the 120 minute keynote presented, I would still recommend that you watch it yourself.

This way you have a first hand opinion and not my recycled one. (Great though it is of course).  So click to

WWDC 2016, the movie

As Tim said: This one's a Doozy
(I had to look it up)

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