Tuesday, June 28, 2016

An Effective Team

An effective Team

Whatever dismal lessons Marcus and Agata will draw from our significant loss (due to recent theft), one thing has been re-focused into Marcus' mind

Marcus and Agata are an effective team.

Whenever we face adversity and jointly react to problem solve, and to try and find a way forward,  together, with a single purpose: to make things better for the marcus-agata team.   Is this what other couples do?

We both have significant personal experiences from sources too close to put forward in print herewith that some others do not

Overcoming Trauma
- Shouting, especially at each other is not the answer
- Tears and emotions laid bare are both understandable and fine
- You need absolute trust in each other to be able to continue
- Physical contact is encouraged

A Sunday Example
Following the loss of our Race Bicycles, Agata researched bike shops in Girona that could do road bike rentals

We managed to find a secure car park to leave our motorhome in whilst we checked out the rental shop and came back 4 hours later when they were ready and picked them up

Agata managed to download the routes to Marcus' remaining GPS watch, since her Fenix 3 was stolen

Marcus noticed some below spec bicycle points so we took some extra tools and components on the ride.  Just in case.  We even looked up some public transport ways to get back if stranded.

On Sunday we successfully managed a 100Km plus ride, with moderate effort.

Agata did superbly on navigating using the Garmin loaded route and Marcus tried to do good constant speed and wind break style cycling whenever possible, and tried to be calm on ascents

We had a wonderful calorie burning,  Tour de France stage preparing time.

We finished the evening in good style with some Internet based research for the next day.

A good combined effort.

As usual.

No Longer An effective Team

Not  an effective team

Our advice to those of you no longer in an effective team.   If you have tried reconciliation,  which requires both parties, the default position is to separate.  A misery despite and because of each other should not be promoted or endured.