Thursday, June 09, 2016

All of My Heart

ABC: All of My Heart

The Google search Engine is a wonderfully powerful thing.   It and other services like Facebook,  LinkedIn  allow you to search for long lost friends and acquaintances.

Marcus does not want to sound too dramatic but over the [many] years people moved, and few notables have drifted out of contact.  Any contact.

The Cure: Pictures of You

So there it is all the more heartbreaking when you made sincere effort to track friends whom you thought at the time, would be friends for all time ...

You sent the email
You tracked them down on facebook
You got desperate and send them a LinkedIn message :-)
You found their physical address and posted

And there was still no reply.

To all those people,  I guess now,  I am no longer interesting enough.   I cry just a little inside. 

But on the plus side, of late there have been a few rather notable re-connects. So that is good then.

The Cure:Boys Don't Cry