Friday, June 17, 2016

A Good Series

Person of Interest

In the year 2000, Marcus and Agata were simply an oddity.  Weird because we did not really watch any Television at home at all.  Instead we relied on media downloads or rentals of Films and Television Series.

 Aside:UK Libraries
 Back in the day, and I am not sure this applies some 15 years later, your local British library was obliged to get any Audio, or DVD movie or DVD series that had been published.  First they would check their own library, then other regional and lastly national libraries.  If still not available then, funds permitting they could buy the media, loan it to you, and then afterwards add it to the shared resource.

Back in the day our entire media needs were met usually without the need for terrestial TV.

Forward to 2016
Today, living in Switzerland, our fast Fibre Internet connection comes with a Television subscription that we cannot remove (in order to save money).

So initially we tried to watch more television,  English television primarily.  But old habits die hard and today we are back to watching rather little, except time shifted recordings or our own making from recommendations.  Which brings us onto predominantly series ...

Now watch this second Series trailer of Fargo Series 2

Fargo Season 2

Too old for this Sh**

Though Marcus thinks of himself as modern,  more often than not we are moving towards slower paced series. As a comparison /Person of Interest/ is an example of a fast based, all action, justice wins, American present day serial.

Compared with  Fargo, a period drama, set in the 1970's, in sleepy America, where ordinary people get involved in increasingly violent and bloody confrontation.  Oh, and don't forget the Aliens.

The slow motion train wreck of a plot of Fargo and other series like them,  is a delight to behold.

One does not necessarily need actions sequences every minute to hold Marcus' attention and have him glued to the screen.  Fargo has

+ Slow paced Action
+ Plot in Spades
+ Simple scenery

+ Reduced People Cast
+ Extensive Character Development
+ Its share of crazy and delusional
+ The Aliens
+ Decent Music
+ Happy and Unhappy endings

So: Long may series like Fargo or The Night Manager continue to be made.   All those fast paced American alternatives have my head spinning with confusion.

The Night Manager