Saturday, May 28, 2016

You see what you want to see

Just think about it.

I thought about this text as some acquaintances were about to celebrate or as I would call it indoctrinate their child into a religious practise that I believe is both outmoded and will be regarded in the child's lifetime as harmful.

I have had many religious friends who have taken this step with their children as well as a few, and I regard quite distastefully dishonest secular parents who push their children into a Religiously founded upbringing.  In these cases, parents who for decades have never been religious, suddenly as parents start attending church, though not modifying any kind of behaviour or outlook so far as I can tell, and then push/ advise child of their Religious faith when they are at an early age, say 5. All because they think it is 'traditional' or  'may help them integrate into society'

For Marcus the principled and non Hypocritical behaviour would be to raise a child in the same Religious or Secular belief system as the family, but give the child the opportunity to change their affiliation when they are old enough to reason, and support the child in their choice however painful  (e.g. they change from your belief system to one alien to you).