Sunday, May 15, 2016

What is in the BOX

Agata recently bought a pair of Under Armour headphones from

In Switzerland there are not many chances to get a retail bargain and I have talked recently about qoqa here

The Fit & Hilarity
Agata loves Underarmour sports clothing and recently with a broken Jaybird headphone and a surprise advert for Underarmour headphones, that we did not know existed, the force was strong.  We ordered.

We got headphones with earbud sizes 5 and 7.   7 was too big and 5 fell out.  We asked for size 6 ...

We contacted the Swiss supplier Harmam and they said send us a photograph of both ears.

We did, and they wrote back saying that actually size 5 would be okay!

We sent them a high res video of size 5 buds installed and then simply falling out from Agata's ear when touched lightly, with Marcus' finger

Eventually then they said yes.   What a flippin palava.

The arrival

A few days later a huge box arrived.  It was addressed to Agata and on opening we found yes, two tiny earbuds

Swiss Post
A few years back Marcus took a small parcel to the post office and was shocked when the post lady told me that a small packet cost extra.  As a frequent postee (!) as a special favour she got my packet and put it inside a larger box she had lying around and charged me the cheaper postage.

But I have extensively checked, and this small surcharge is no longer valid

Stuff is either a letter or a parcel based on dimension and there is a manual processing fee only if it is an odd shape.

Some details

Learning Points

So I learnt the rules for Swiss post have changed and there was absolutely no excuse for them to send this huge parcel.  In fact the earbuds could have fitted in a letter sized, sub 2cm jiffy bag.

I supposed we were amused but unimpressed but the whole incident, from being treated like idiots who could not figure out that the earbuds were falling out, to the large package arriving.