Monday, May 23, 2016

Welcome to Switzerland

Subtitle:Feeling Poor again in Switzerland

With what I can only describe as the secondly shockingly expensive contraption being advertised on the Swiss bargain website  in a matter of one week, I feel compelled to write something.

I still believe after over a decade of living in Switzerland, i.e. my views are not just of somebody /fresh off the boat/ that money still flows relatively freely in this non EU country.

On the Lausanne metro  I play a game of who is my carriage is NOT using an Apple iPhone. And then, of those iPhone users who is using the latest 6S technology and who has been so rude as to stick with something older.  (The results are that over 50% of those using Smartphones are Apple by the way, and a sizable proportion, I mean over 40% of them are on 6x technology)

But back to the Breaking Point
I talked in March 2016 about how  was still my favourite Swiss bargains website, and that they have expanded to etcetera.

So the and sister websites provide

- A daily deal
- For Switzerland
- Designed to appeal to the Regular Swiss customer, i.e. not the super rich
- Provide Real Bargains

So the first shocker a few days back was the chance to buy a Laurastar Ironing Board and Iron for only 1499 CHF.  That is 1046 GBP or 1514 USD; for International readers

And then today we have the chance to buy a Husqvarna 315 robot lawn mower at 2499 CHF which is 1744 GBP.

A bargain?

Well if you consult the UK Manufacturer website ...

You will see the UK price is 1600 GBP including 20% VAT compared to the qoqa bargain price of 1744 GBP equivalent with 8% Swiss VAT.

Unflippin believable.

Now I do know that Husqvarna is a Swedish company so it's imported to both countries.  There are therefore no Internal Manufacturing costs to deal with, just perhaps different costs of transportation and the maintenance of a local retail distribution network, the costs of which due to higher labour costs might be marginally higher in Switzerland.

But a difference between 1600 GBP (including 20% VAT) for the UK and 3170 CHF (including 8% VAT) which is 2212 GBP equivalent?

Oh, and these products, an Ironing Board, a Lawn Mower maybe up-market, but are being sold on a /Bargains/ website, and check the qoqa history, are nearly all without exception sold out within the 24 hour timeslot.

So yes, Marcus the non Apple iPhone or iPad user and not the Husqqvarna mower or Laurastar Ironing board owner, feels suitable poor today.

Welcome to Switzerland indeed.

Husqvarna Robotic Lawn Mowers