Thursday, May 05, 2016

The Last Ski

Keane: The Last Time

Thursday May 5th is a National Holiday in Switzerland.  Of course it is Ascension Day  and as such Agata has a break from her gruelling schedule and is available for a much more tangible though sad activity ... the last ski of the season :-(

Our Ski Record
Over our years in Switzerland Marcus and Agata's ski or winter snowsports activity has dwindled.

It's the same story your hear for Londoners visiting London Museums, or New Yorkers visiting their attractions.  When it is on your doorstep you get complacent and over time just don't bother.

So we are very grateful to our friend Kathy who encouraged us to get a grip and transform our Winter 2015 - Spring 2016 participation.   Under her guidance 

- We found we have 2 local ski resorts less than 50 minutes drive away
- We took part in numerous Nordic Ski rendezvous
- We really enjoyed ourselves.

Marcus would comment that Nordic skiing has some advantages over skiing or snowboarding

- Piste fees are usually quite modest, principally since resorts without lifts are possible
- The gear is quite light and compact.
- Boots are as comfortable as Snowboard boots but a lot lighter, in fact they resemble walking boots with firm solid soles.

Some Photos

The venue for today's finale was of course Glaciar 3000.  Check the link for more details of the facilities.

We finished the day with a cardio workout, time with good friends, nothing broken, sprained or twisted.   Thanks to all.