Monday, May 16, 2016

Sermon: Pentecost Monday

These two charts show worldwide Smartphone sales in the last years.   Take note and we will come back to this later

Pentecost Monday
Monday in Switzerland was a Canton holiday.  Canton is the equivalent of a British County or an American State.  Cantons have the power to set holidays so it is quite possible that this /day off/ is not present in other parts of Switzerland.

Switzerland like many European countries has the underpinnings of the Christian religion.  Nevertheless most people are unaware of why this day is special, and as a Christian country this is to Marcus and Agata particularly annoying.

It's to celebrate a day when /the Holy Spirit/ visited Jesus' disciples after the Resurrection

Pentecost is described in Acts 2 within the Bible.  If we consult Acts 02:17

So with the Speaking of Tongues that was reported it was expected that Pentecost was a sign of immediate /End Times/

It's exactly 50 days after Easter
And therefore by definition 10 days after Ascension day
For Vaud canton then it's the second holiday in May

Some Truths
- You get the holiday in Vaud, Switzerland whether you are Religious or Christian.

- Shops are closed.  Well you might find an open Petrol Station.  But most restaurants, all supermarkets, all shopping Centres are closed.

- Marcus has begrudgingly began to accept and respect that fact that when they say holiday, nobody is working at all.  In the UK and most other countries, most holidays are an opportunity to shop, or catch up on some shopping.  But in Switzerland we are closed.

(For the same reason many Restaurants and all Post offices are closed at lunchtime on every day, the office workers get equal hours)

- I don't know of even the tiniest minority that spend today celebrating the Religious side of Pentecost

Inconvenient Truths

If a miracle like Pentecost would happen today, in 2016 things would indeed be different.

There are over 1.5 Billion Smartphones sold per year and they have cameras, and most immediate access to the Internet.

Today any and all News is captured by "we the people" instantly as it happens.  There are photographs, videos and it is all immediately uploaded to Social Media, or YouTube and thence to the Worldwide News circuit.

As any event or miracle continues, official News crews arrive and the coverage becomes more professional, and that is subject to editing and manipulation, unlike the people sourced initially spontaneous coverage.

And yet, by the lack of evidence of everything that every modern 21st century recording device can capture,  the miraculous power of God descends exponentially to zero in this year of 2016

Even the Disciples of Jesus at Pentecost, who were expecting imminent /End Times/ must have reasoned in their own lifetime an inconsistency.

(For the lack or Miracles / Power in the 21st Century)

- The all loving and caring God was busy tending to some other species or planet

- It is part of God's Mysterious Plan

- There is No Plan

- God,  redefined

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