Friday, May 06, 2016

Saturday Sermon: Being Thankful

Subtitle: The dishonourable Killing

I Marcus, and my sister Angela grew up in the pre Internet Age. Yes, we are pretty ancient.  In this time we were more rather than less susceptible to the advice and guidance of our Parents.

Whilst there was Marcus's constant companion, I refer of course to BBC Radio 4,  it is not an interactive resource like the World Wide Web.

Since my parents had spent vast parts of their lives living outside of Europe, living in environments without Running Water or Sanitation,  they were acutely aware of the advantages and benefits of the Infrastructure of our main home in England

Being Thankful
At every meal, and when BBC Radio 4 reported tragedy or natural catastrophe, of famine or injustice, my Mother in particular would use the phrase 

Being Thankful

Normally of course in a prayer; she was thankful to her God for placing us in a position where we were far removed from this injustice.

The Present Day
Today I read over 500 articles daily and many, I'd estimate at least 50, concern religion and world affairs.

My immediate reactions when I read the above was

- I recall the words of my parents and I am indeed thankful my sister and I did not grow up in such an environment

- But God I feel does not get credit for my situation.  Indeed it was a deliberate decision of my Parents to move from such a country that gave us our [relatively] easy upbriging.  God was not consulted and did not aid our movement.

- Even today I feel some link with these regions.  An immediate relation did significant Religious work in the vicinity of the article  (by significant, I believe that Queen Elizabeth once visited for tea). I feel angst every time a bomb or outrage to humanity is reported from there.

- Whilst some point the finger more at the generic ignorance of the population leading to these /dishonourable/ killings, I personally feel that Religion is more often than not responsible

- And when we talk of Religion, and of honor killings, there is only one Religion normally in the frame.  It is the religion that is sincerely and not apparently comically or ironically referred to as /The Religion of Peace/ by its adherents

- For me Steven Weinberg's famous quote comes clearly to mind:  Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.

- Now look again closely at the picture at the top of the screen.  Can you guess the religion and the probable Geography?

Now it is your turn
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